For sellers

a) For those who decide to sell a property our real estate agency offers an accurate evaluation of the sales price. This is a fundamental step in the process of selling your property according to a reasonable time frame.

b) The marketing of a property always starts with a professional photo shoot with our inhouse photographer, resulting in a selection of high-resolution photos;

c) research and collection of all the related documents necessary by notary deed;

d) entering and cross-referencing of our own database, web promotion on the agency website and on multiple real estate portals with detailed sheets, completed with floor plans and photos of interiors and exteriors, so as to provide all important information;

e) Careful selection of purchasing clients through a filtered activity with which we aim to make targeting visits, presentation of a written offer, possible subsequent drafting of a preliminary or rental contract, registration in the Register of private deeds, delivery to the Notary (in case of sale) of the documents necessary for the notary deed.

For buyers

a) Creating a database with your name and specific enquiries, constant reports on properties meeting the characteristics required;

b) matching with potential properties from the agency itself or from those of other colleagues and consequent visit to all the selected properties;

c) drafting and delivery of purchasing proposals to the property owners and following preparation of preliminary drafts;

d) assistance in the search of credit institutions for the process of mortgage loans;

e) consultancy on taxes, duties and charges for each real estate transactions.

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